How Not to Ruin the Booking of Your Wedding Venue at Hotel

Tips in Smoothly Booking a Hotel Wedding Venue

Booking wedding venue at hotel may sound so easy for most couples. However, you will not know if it really is easy if you haven’t tried it personally. After planning their own hotel wedding venue, some brides are saying that the experience is stressful as there are many things to consider, so make sure to book via hotel management program.


For these things not to happen to you, here are some of the tips from brides

who have experienced it all:

Being flexible with your wedding date. You cannot book a specific wedding venue if you won’t change the wedding date if needed. There are some couples who are really hard when it comes to their wedding date. However, not all venues are open for the date they have picked. As a result, it takes time to find a venue that is fit for the wedding date. Sometime, the venue is not that good.

Do not forget about some of the extra fees that you need to pay. When you book a venue, you are expected to always for the tax and service charge. Do not go to a venue without thinking of these extra fees because you’ll end up going home empty handed. Booking a venue means knowing all the costs attached to it like usage of parking area, cake cutting and many more.

Asking reference to other wedding vendors. Booking wedding venue at hotel is just one of the many components needed for the wedding planning. If you haven’t found other services needed for your wedding yet, try to ask referrals from the manager of the wedding venue hotel. The staffs of the hotel know who the best providers in town are so they can really help you if you need other providers for the floral design, catering and etc.

In order not to ruin the process of booking a wedding venue, the most important thing that you should remember is not to wait for the last minute. If you book late, the tendency is you will not get your dream venue. Booking late means you are going to pay for the service in an expensive cost. Moreover, booking late will result to many glitches with the reception. Since you are out of time, you just settle with whatever is given to you without having further negotiations.

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