Selecting a Bridal Jewelry without Ease

jewelryWhen you are getting jewelry for your wedding, the rule of not overdoing it will always apply. For some brides, choosing unique bridal jewelry for your wedding is always a difficult task because they have no prior experience. If you are one of those brides then it is a must that you read something valuable about jewelry before you set out and find your bridal piece.

Here are the top 5 tips that will surely be of great help for you:

Match it with the dress or gown

As a bride, it is important to put in mind that your very necklace should always sync with the bridal dress. Your jewelry will always follow the dress’ style, neckline and color. The very first thing that you should look at is the style of your dress before you could purchase any jewelry.

Shade and color

White, like any other colors, also has different shades. It is always easy to commit mistakes especially when matching the color of your accessories to the dress. If you are wearing a white gown, make sure that you avoid getting a yellow gold accessory. It will always clash with the color of the dress creating unsymmetrical color pattern. It is a noise to the eyes instead of looking great. If you will be wearing white, always choose ivory, silver, platinum and pearl colored accessories.

Double check the metal

If you are a bride, it is adding insult to injury if you have picked a metal that is not really in sync with the jewel palette. Nothing looks as awful in your ensemble as a mismatched metal color and a stone, reported general manager of leading Houston jewelry store, Rice Village Diamonds. Bear in mind that every stone that you are going to integrate on your metal will have a different glimmer effect. Avoid getting gold earrings and gold bracelet as they are considered as a mismatch by mist experts. If you don’t want to look funny, make sure you ask for a professional advice before you choose the color of your metal and stone.

Consider the dress’ neckline

If there is a rule of thumb when picking an accessory for your dress, it is the neckline. If you have a V-shaped neckline dress, it is perfectly paired with a necklace pendant. If the neckline of the dress is higher, make sure that the necklace is tight on your neck and higher than the neckline. If you want to have more skin on your neckline, always pick a sweetheart or a strapless gown. Whether you will have low or high neckline, the point here is you don’t need to overdo the accessories.

Headpiece accessories

Whether you will wear headpiece or not, the most important thing is that it complements the dress. If you put a tiara, make sure that it is not bulgy because it will attract more attention than other parts of your ensemble. It is important that it is a bit toned down in order to give way to other accessories. You can also use fascinators if you are ditching tiara.

Choosing unique bridal jewelry for your wedding could be done easily if you are going to follow some of the professional advice that we have listed down just for you.


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